Cycling is a worldwide sport and comes in many forms. There are road races, indoor races, off-road races, and races for specific bike builds. It is a popular activity worldwide that attracts cyclists of all ages. uniquely serves the cycling community

It provides a wealth of information about cycling as a fun activity and as a sport. It has articles on bicycles, cyclists, races, and all the new technology. This website keeps enthusiasts updated on the latest news, events and personalities.


Cycling Worldwide

A bicycle is a straightforward machine. It has two wheels and is powered by a single person. That means that the cyclist can go as fast as he can pedal. Children can pedal and have fun, and they can go on riding the bike for the whole day. Adults sometimes follow bike trails in groups or go on rides at night to explore the city.

In some countries, adults use bikes for the purpose it was designed for, to go from one place to another. Some cities even have bikes for rent in strategic areas, and a user can take one and leave it at another bike parking space after use. 

Cycling is fun, and it can be an adventure. There are cycling events with a considerable following. There are bike races for different bikes and tracks for men, women, and kids. Moreover, for cycling enthusiasts in Canada, we’re excited to announce an exclusive ‘no deposit bonus Canada‘ offer, allowing you to enjoy additional benefits and deals on cycling gear and events. contains all the latest news and information for a cycling fan. We cover the major cycling races, bike technology and trends. We have info on the Tour de France, Canada, and Canadian and US races.

Introduction to Cycling

It is straightforward to learn how to ride a bike. Kids can learn to bike in one afternoon. It’s the physics of bike riding which makes it a no-brainer. As long as it is moving forward, it will not fall. If you want to turn, you can lean left or right, and the bike will follow. Everything else is about safety.

Bike riding is fun for people in parks, the city and the countryside. If you want to learn more about cycling and exceptionally competitive racing, the CCIC38 blogs can significantly help. Read the blog articles for the difference between cycling and biking, or read articles about different kinds of bikes. These are educational and meant to improve your understanding of the bicycle. Knowing things helps a person better understand and appreciate the joys of cycling and biking.

You can also interact and comment on the articles. The feedback would be greatly appreciated. Comments and suggestions usually lead to the further exposition of topics and ideas, and we can write about them.

CCIC38 is not just about the reader learning things but also a venue for more information. A regular person may get the bug and join a cycling group, and the website is a serious program that aims to extend the reach of cycling as a vocation.


Enjoying a Bike Ride

You can ride a leisurely ride bike, enjoying the scenery. Or you can ride your bike in a race. Competitive cycling may entail a better bike, better parts, lighter and stronger materials and better preparation. All in all, treating it as a sport is different from enjoying cycling as a weekend activity. 

Join a cycling club near you, upgrade your gear, and be invested in cycling. It will take time, but the activity is well worth the trouble. is the place where you begin your journey, and it is full of articles and information that can support your endeavor.